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    Identifying needs in
    Emerging Countries
    How do we move beyond the basics?
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    Essential Infrastructure
    Meeting the individual needs of each country
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    Resolution and Growth
    New sources of economic growth for DEC's


Global Economic Structures

Uncovering the strength and weaknesses of respective emerging countries and identifying natural resources.


Social & Cultural Exchanges

Mapping and matching different cultures with the cultures of developed countries.


Self-sustaining Enterprises

Solutions for basic needs and business to international partnerships for developing the economy and infrastructure.

Water Production Systems

With the help of WNF, WPS was formed in 2009 aiming to provide a solution to fresh water shortages globally.

Steering towards the future.

Targeted countries are in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. As the project evolves, new countries will gradually join the organization.

WNF Assists 2nd Bridge

2nd Bridge is creating a communications platform connecting people of similar interests worldwide.

The WNF Mission

World Nations Foundations mission is to provide developing and emerging countries (DECs) with an opportunity to establish new sources of economic growth, enlist the best academic minds in the world to address their essential social needs, implement new infrastructure, build new industries and share their culture through artistic exchange with other nations.

WNF Goals

As an active resource for developing and emerging countries (DECs), WNF wil coordinate services to improve lives through economic development while offering research and study capabilities to assist governments in reaching goals. WNF will implement plans upgrade infrastructure with respect to current and future economic, cultural, and social needs of the DECs and provide assistance from international resources. WNF wil bring international exposure to each positive element of the DECs and promote the benefits of building economic and social alliances with the DECs to the international community.

About Us

Unique Solutions

Each country has a different landscape and different needs. World Nations will cater its research and programs to meet the individual the needs of each country.

The new way.

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